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It was just one of those callings I went for.Rob Gronkowski Jersey” Triner reached out to Fordham, one of the schools he was originally recruited by for football.Ben Roethlisberger Jersey They were undergoing a coaching change but his plan was if Cory Bailey were hired as the new head coach, he would be going to Fordham with Bailey.Cam Newton Jersey But Bailey, who was the Assumption College coach at the time,Pierre Garcon Jersey was not hired for the job, so Triner accepted his invite to Assumption.Calvin Johnson Jersey At Assumption, Triner was a two-year starter at defensive end.Andrew Luck Jersey He had 5.5 sacks his senior year.Tom Brady Jersey But he also long snapped and realized he might be able to extend his career by solely focusing on snapping. “I knew that if it was something I wanted to do,Colin Kaepernick Jersey it was something I’d have to go out and get it,” he explained.Kelvin Benjamin Jersey “There certainly wasn’t going to be anyone coming to my games watching me long snap.” Triner,Dick Butkus Jersey who graduated from Assumption in 2015 with a degree in psychology, was invited to snap in front of the New England Patriots following the 2015 NFL draft. And earlier this year, he worked out with the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars. “You get guys from big schools saying, ‘Where’s Assumption? I’ve never heard of it.’,” he said. “But then you go out and do just as good as those guys and realize you have what it takes.”